Oratory of the Miraculous Medal

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306 Candles forever  
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“All who wear the Miraculous Medal around their neck will receive great graces, especially those who wear it with confidence.”

So spoke Our Lady to the novice, Catherine Labouré, in her apparition of November 27, 1830. Millions of people all over the world have worn the Miraculous Medal and obtained special graces ever since. By 1836, more than 15 million medals had been struck and distributed. By 1842, about 100 million people from all over the world had already received the Miraculous Medal.

Reports about outstanding graces received by those wearing the Miraculous Medal started coming from the most faraway countries:

  • Cures of all kinds
  • Conversions at the right moment
  • Protection against all kinds of illnesses
  • Protection against impending dangers

Even now, nearly 200 years later, there are many examples of persons who are blessed with these graces.

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At the Shrine of the Miraculous Medal you can light a candle in your intentions, asking Our Lady to intercede for you.

Light a seven-day candle Light a 30-day candle and receive a Miraculous Medal blessed by a priest Light a candle for a friend in urgent need of a grace!